Utilizing full body movement and engaging your core.


There are no competitions or tournaments in Aikido.

New students are always welcome to come and try an Aikido class, kids and adults alike!

Aikido is a dynamic and exciting soft-style Japanese martial art that involves whole body movement. Aikido is not a hard style "toe to toe" trading of blocks and blows. Practitioners of Aikido (Aikidoka) blend with attacking energy by redirecting it towards the safest and most beneficial outcome for all.

Sudbury Aikikai represents Aikido as "Mediation in Motion" as a way of calming one's inner self through breathing and focusing on one's centre and as vigorous physical exercise through flowing body movement and interaction with other students. 

Who can practise Aikido?

Anyone of any age and physical condition can try Aikido! All people, from the complete novice to experienced Aikidoka, are welcome to visit our dojo and check us out! We have two dojo locations available, and you are welcome to look through our website, call us or contact us through email or through Facebook.

Experience an Aikido class with us!

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Aikido is...

A non-profit group to promote and teach Aikido in the Greater Sudbury Area.


Aikido does not teach kicking or punching. Instead, students focus on redirecting energy.
"To injure an opponent is to injure yourself. To control aggression without inflicting injury is the Art of Peace."
                                - O' Sensei


Experience the sensation of flying through the air and landing safely, through the art of ukemi