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"Progress comes to those who train and train; reliance on secret tachniques will get you nowhere."
                                - O' Sensei

The Art of Aikido

O' Sensei Ueshiba Morehei, Founder of Aikido

Ueshiba Morihei (​December 14, 1883 - April 26, 1969) was the founder of Aikido, and is referred to as O' Sensei (Great Teacher).

O' Sensei named Aikido as it literally represents "AI" of harmony, "KI" energy, "DO" way of. Together they mean "the way of harmonizing energy". He himself engaged in a lifelong pursuit of personal growth and self development and developed Aikido as a cooperative, useful way for humanity to achieve this through the practise of a martial art. Practised in earnest, it allows individuals to develop in many different ways.

A non-profit group to promote and teach Aikido in the Greater Sudbury Area.