The Practise of "Rei"

Rei, or respect, is taught as priority #1 at Sudbury Aikikai. When a student first enters the dojo, they are expected to bow in the direction of the kameza to show respect for the space and the intention to practise Aikido. Shoes or socks are to be removed before stepping onto the mats, bare feet only. Once on the mats, it is customary to kneel in seiza and bow to O'Sensei, to show respect for the founder of Aikido. Warmups before class are encouraged, as well as meditating to get one's self into the proper mindset for practise. Talking is discouraged during class, as it distracts from the practise of Aikido. When the sensei on the mat is speaking, students will kneel in seiza to demonstate attentiveness. 

Rei is practised to establish an understanding that is it fundamental to our own abilities to see, respect and grow ourselves. There is no room for EGO on the mats. We respect ourselves, our fellow Aikidoka, our Sensei and O'Sensei by making the decision to dedicate time to practise.

A non-profit group to promote and teach Aikido in the Greater Sudbury Area.

"Failure is the key to success; each mistake teaches us something."
                                - O' Sensei

Rules of the Dojo

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